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  • Online Doctor Appointment, Prescription and Diagnostic Reports.
  • Store Medical History (Prescriptions, Diagnostic Reports and more).
  • Reminder on Doctor Appointment.
  • Manage Family Members.

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  • Manage Patient Appointment.
  • Write Prescription & Diagnostic Advice.
  • Manage Chamber.
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  • Manage Diagosistic Orders & Online Report Delivery.
  • Manage Doctors and Appointments.
  • Manage Outdoor Patients.
  • Promote Hospital/Diagnostic Centre Online.

Online Doctors

MS (MS in Food & Nutrition Science )
Nutrition (Management of different diseases through dietery Modifications. )
Nutritionist & Dietician
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  • Get Diagnostic

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  • Real Time Update on

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  • Get Patient Medical

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  • Notify patients online.
  • Serve patients in real time.
  • Diagnostic order and report delivery.
What you get with Medicare 24

Real Time Update

Medicare 24 provides real time update on several purposes/status of Patients, Doctors and Hospitals.

Digital Prescription

Medicare 24 provides a secure online platform to doctor for writing digital prescription and diagnostic advice.

Report Delivery

Diagnostic centre can deliver diagnostic report to patient via Medicare 24 secure online platform.